Become a Stronger Photographer.

Every couple weeks I send out The Contact Sheet - a heartfelt kick in the pants about the creative and photographic life. No fluff, and no gimmicks, just great articles & resources to help you master this amazing craft. When you tell me where to send it, I'll also send you 20 Ways to Stop Messing Around With Your Camera and Make Better Photographs Without Buying More Gear. It's as helpful as the title is long, I promise. 

~ David duChemin World & Humanitarian Photographer 

"I love the wisdom I regularly find in your emails, the encouragement, the challenges - the surprise goodies aren't bad either!" - Lizzy Biggs

"Each and every one of your emails inspire and motivate me to want to jump right out of my chair away from my computer and shoot for the love of it. Thank you, David" - Millie Brown

"I truly love your emails! They've been the single most influential reading I've done related to photography. It's not an exaggeration to say that your advice has inspired me to think about what I'm doing behind the camera in an entirely different way. And it's become a much more joyful and thoughtful process. Thank you!" - @geraniumred

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