Escape Your Creative Rut and Find Your Groove Again

Escape Your Creative Rut & Find Your Groove Again  

There's almost no feeling in the world like the boredom and frustration of being in a rut creatively and having no idea how to get back into the flow. In over 24 years of making my living with my creativity I was there - in that rut - many times, until I found a reliable way to jump those ruts and get back to the part of the creative process I love: making work that challenges and excites me. 

I've put together a short PDF about the 4 ways I've found to get me out of the boredom and back to my creative flow and I'd like to share it with you. 

Let me send you this short PDF and I'll also send you my eBook, 20 Ways to Make Better Photographs to say thank you for trusting me with this part of your creative journey. 

~David duChemin World & Humanitarian Photographer